A team of seasoned interpreters

Discuss, explain, win over – accuracy is the key to your communication.

Our interpreting expertise

We regularly provide interpreters to industrial companies and local government institutions.

Interpreting is a highly specialised profession: our interpreters are all experienced, fully bilingual and practise this difficult profession full time. We also greatly appreciate their human qualities.

They are extremely proficient in their fields, drawing on many years of experience.

Some simultaneous interpreting assignments in a booth can require two interpreters working in a pair.

Interpreting assignments requested by our customers:

  • On-site support
  • Financial audits
  • Board meetings
  • Simultaneous conference interpreting
  • Training
  • Performance reviews
  • Business meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Seminars

The cost of interpreting

Right, your event is ready! You’ve spent time preparing it. You’ve organized everything weeks or months in advance. You’ve worked out your budget and now you need to add the cost of the interpreters, which at first might seem a bit steep…

Our interpreters do not necessarily live in the area and often have just finished another assignment in another part of France or abroad. Their travel time the day before is not invoiced, nor is the return travel time after the assignment.

Our interpreters study the presentations and materials provided before the event. This preparation time is not invoiced.

The project manager also spends time discussing the project with you. He prepares, organizes, manages, follows up and checks everything.

That’s why we apply a minimum one-day charge.

We work in the following languages:

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Romanian

What our customers have to say

Alain P.
Engineering maintenance training manager - Automotive industry

I asked my foreign colleagues about the staff training provided at the end of January. The feedback about the interpreter was extremely positive. Thank you for the quality of your work.

Jocelyne E.
Task officer - Medical sector

The assignment in the south of France with your interpreter went very well.
We would like two quotes for the following assignments and would like the same interpreter.

Amandine G.
Project manager - Event company

… Thank you and please thank the interpreters for this conference. The work was very professional, exactly what we expected